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X-Ray Systems

The x-ray system is comprised of the radiography emitting tube which is mounted to a tube stand, the table, and a console to control your technique.

At Silver Lining X-Ray, we offer an array of both new and used x-ray systems. To get matched with the ideal system for you, call and speak with one of our expert sales representatives or browse our inventory of used equipment by clicking the button below. 

Radiology Equipment Overview

Silver Lining X-Ray offers a wide range of radiology equipment including x-ray systems, computer-based radiography (CR), and digital-based radiography (DR) . Each x-ray system may be matched with a digital CR or DR system to fit your facility's needs.

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Digital Viewing Systems

The x-ray system requires a mode for capturing and viewing images. To accomplish this, any x-ray system can be paired with either a computer -based radiography (CR) system or a digital-based radiography (DR) system. At Silver Lining X-Ray, we offer new and refurbished viewing systems as well as viewing software. Call and speak to a customer representative to get matched with the perfect system for you!

Digital-based Radiography (DR)

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The DR system contains a digital panel that may be placed into a cassette tray or directly on top of the table. After the x-ray has been taken, the image is automatically projected onto a viewing monitor. 

Computer-based Radiography (CR)

The CR system includes computerized cassettes that may be placed into the cassette tray. After the x-ray has been taken, the cassette is inserted into a reader that converts the image into a digital format that can be seen on a viewing monitor. 

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