Veterinarian X-Ray Systems

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InnoVet Veterinary X-Ray Systems

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Summit creates an excellent line of compact x-ray equipment titled InnoVet. 

InnoVet Select HF

Innovet X-Ray System

InnoVet Specialist

The Specialist model is a floor-to-wall mounted system with the console integrated into the tube stand. While still compact, these are a more robust model with the wall rails and 76" table. The tube has full vertical ranges of motion complete with hand grips and electric locks. 

The Select HF systems are ideal for your smaller spaces with the compact, 53" table and integrated generator. The console is also mounted onto the table for easy access while setting your technique. These models are often controlled by a foot pedal, allowing easy patient maneuverability while collecting multiple projections.

innovet xray

AmeriComp Veterinary X-Ray Systems

americomp vet


This high frequency AmeriComp system is another great space saver. The generator and console integrated into the 56" table allows for optimal ease of use while managing pets. 

Vet Ray Veterinary X-Ray Systems


Vet Ray offers a variety of premium models including integrated consoles and also integrated viewing monitors. The 4-way float top tables and compact high frequency generators set these systems apart as elite quality in veterinary imaging.