Positioning Pocket Guide

x-ray pocket guide


Summarizing essential information, you will encounter in clinical practice, Merrill’s Pocket Guide to Radiography is the perfect companion to Merrill's Atlas of Radiographic Positioning and Procedures, 14th Edition. This handy reference provides bulleted, step-by-step explanations of how to position the patient and body part for approximately 170 commonly requested radiographic projections, including mobile, mammography, and neonatal procedures. Tabbed for easy access to information, this guide is up to date with the latest ARRT standards and includes diagnostic-quality radiographs for reference with each positioning presentation.


  • Diagnostic-quality radiographs demonstrate the result the radiographer is trying to achieve.

  • Key positioning information is formatted for quick reference to give you easy access to the information.

  • Bulleted step-by-step instructions for positioning the patient and body part facilitate quick and efficient performance of radiographic exams.

  • Section dividers with tabs provide quick access to sections.

  • Two-color format emphasizes the most important information on the page and helps you to quickly locate and use the information.

  • Exposure technique chart for every projection helps reduce the number of repeat radiographs and improves overall image quality.

  • Abbreviations and external landmarks on the inside covers provide quick reference to frequently needed information.

  • Updated kVp values reflect current theory about what is appropriate to use with digital imaging modalities.

  • Compensating filter information is included for those projections where filters are used.

PRICE: $64.00

*Does not include applicable sales tax.

Lead X-Ray Markers

lead markers


One (1) set of left and right lead markers.

PRICE: $18.75

*Does not include applicable sales tax.

DR Panel Protection

DR Panel Protector


Using an expensive DR Panel in a portable or mobile environment can be risky.  Panel protectors can absorb  impact and increase weight capacity.  Designed for all wireless, cassette sized panels


  • Custom utility ports

  • Patented positive lock to prevent panel pop outs

  • Easy one hand operation

  • Available with a grid or carbon fiber panel for weight distribution

  • Multiple handle orientations- Long, Short, and Dual

  • Various sizes available

  • Three layers of impact protection

  • Patient friendly rounded edges

  • For cassette-sized wireless or tethered panels

2 Step Complete View

Copy of Complete View RF.png


This is great for busy orthopedic clinics or medical clinics that do a lot of weight bearing views. The complete step allows for Lateral, AP, and other anatomical views from a single patient position


  • Designed to accommodate digital 14"x17" and 17"x17" DR Panels

  • Attenuation and construction fully tested

  • Lock-N-Secure® II Panel Protector included (DR Panel Protection)

  • Anti-slip platform

  • Non-skid rubber feet

  • Medical grade stainless steel rails for patient stability

  • Rear mounted offset casters for easy relocation

  • Simple cleaning and sterilization

Copy of Complete View-F AP detail.png

Lead Aprons/Shielding

lead apron


Silver Lining offers an assortment of lead apron styles in different colors and patterns.  We also offer a variety of slightly used lead radiation protection apparel.

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lead apron 2.JPG

Used Accessories

Head/Skull Positioning Paddles

positioning paddles


Slightly used set of radiographic positioning aids.  These are commonly used for positioning and immobilization of skull and facial radiographic exams.


  • Coating makes pads easy to disinfect.

PRICE: $100.00

*Does not include applicable sales tax.

Cervical Sandbags

sandbag 1.jpeg


Slightly used cervical sandbags.  Can also be used for immobilization during x-ray, MRI, and CT exams.


  • Bags weigh 11 lbs each

  • Assorted colors

PRICE: $40.00/set


*Does not include applicable sales tax.